Sugar on Snow (and Pickles!)

Rugged Ridge Forest owner, Josh Seidman, gave us a tour of his sugarworks in Worcester over the weekend.

It was amazing to make our own sugar on snow from syrup that came from the trees and land we were standing on. And, of course, we paired the gooey sweet amazing yumminess with sour pickles!


We learned all about his wood-fired, large-scale operation that uses firewood harvested from his woods and specialized machinery for vacuum extraction of sap and equipment cleaning. Lots of factors impact the color of syrup, such as time of year, pH, boiling temperature, and duration of the boil. Then we made our own sugar on snow by boiling syrup to 234 degrees Fahrenheit!


And of course we fit in a visit with the farm animals–two draft horses, many chickens, and the best dog on the planet.


Best dog in the world!

The Kindness of Strangers

This mentoring pair warms up with a snack after a windy rally at the statehouse in support of the people of Ukraine. A stranger offered her blanket when she overheard Gracie say she was cold. Maribeth and Gracie had a deep conversation about the impact of politics and war on everyday people around the world.

Snow and Ice!

Photos from a mentoring pair enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend with a visit to the river.

On Town Meeting Day, Voters Support Girls/Boyz First Mentoring

Extreme gratitude goes out to the voters of East Montpelier, Middlesex, Worcester and Montpelier for supporting mentoring in your communities! We are so grateful for these partnerships that help nurture our children and build vibrant communities.

For information on how to become a mentor or a mentee:

Phone: 802-552-0249