Girls/Boyz First Receives $12,500 funding from Mobius, Vermont’s Statewide Mentoring Organization

Girls/Boyz First Mentoring is pleased to announce the award of a $12,500 grant from Mobius, Vermont’s statewide mentoring organization. We are grateful for the support for Mobius . This grant is crucial to the sustainability of Girls/Boyz First. With this grant, GBF is able to maintain the high level of success that our organization is known for. The adult mentors we match with youth, the cultural and educational enrichment activities we offer and the collaboration GBF has with families, schools and communities in central Vermont helps create successful outcomes for our kids.dscn4305

Mentor celebration

From a parent, ” My son was ever so excited to be in the newspaper for the mentoring gathering celebration at the Statehouse! He’s 9 and was so excited that he brought the paper to school to show his class! Thanks for all that you and your crew do. Your program makes a difference for my 2 kids!”