Graduating Mentees share their stories

Six years ago, I applied to seek a mentor, someone who I could confide in and help me stay on track to live a fulfilling life. I got paired with an older woman, Marilu, who had a little extra time on her hands as well as two horses. The first time we met it was an instant click. She is such an exceptional person and always tries to please others. She treats me almost as if I was one of her own children.

As I grew up, Marilu asked me about my future and what I wanted to do after graduating high school. My answer was always the same “I want to work with horses”. I never knew until my junior year what I truly wanted to do.

Marilu helped me through the roughest times in my life and helped show which path in life to go down. She is an inspirational person with a huge heart. I could never thank her for how much she has down for me over the past six years.

We always look forward to seeing each other and going out for a ride on the horses as we talk about our week. Marilu and I have made some great memories over the years: going trail riding, hiking, college searching, swimming, and even camping!

Marilu gave me the opportunity to complete my first internship at her barn in the summer of 2016. I would never be where I am today if it wasn’t for meeting such a wonderful and caring mentor. Mentors focus on guiding you through the obstacles life throws at you while helping you try to live a happy and successful life. Marilu has made one the largest impacts on my life and I will never forget all the great memories we have shared and continue to make.


Melanie McLean 2017 Graduating GBF mentee